Friday, March 30, 2012

Faith Cakes

So a friend made one of these Faith Cakes and I thought hers was pretty impressive so I had to get details on how to make a Faith Cake.  So in my research, I found the following steps to build one.  I thought it was pretty impressive and wanted to share it with you as well!  ENJOY!


To make this cake you will need:
2 boxes White Cake

1 box Devils Food Cake

Basically, I am not posting here a recipe but more an order on HOW TO create this fabulous cake!  What a great treat to have as we celebrate the RESURRECTION in about a week! 

First you cook the cakes (2 chocolate, 4 vanilla).  Freeze one hour.

Trim the cakes to make them smooth.

Crumble ONE Chocolate Cake and the remains of the SECOND Chocolate Cake.  Add 1/2 frosting to crumbs.  Mix.

Circle cut from ONE cake...use tupperware bowl or something smaller than cake pan.

Cut the same circle used above and cut ONE of the vanilla cakes.

Start with WHOLE Vanilla Cake on plate and then frost.  Add Second layer, frost.  THIRD layer with hole,.

This is what you should have so far.  Frost this layer missing the hole.

Insert cut CHOCOLATE circle into hole.

This is what your cake should look like.

Using a LONG vase or narrow drinking glass, cut through your cake... to the plate and remove cake from center.

Cut the SAME size hole in the last White Layer and place on top, lining up center hole.

This is what your cake should look like from the top.

Remember our crumbs mixed with frosting?  We will now begin STUFFING the whole with that mix.

This is what your STUFFED center hole and cake should look like.

Now "crumb coat" your cake.  (A thin layer of icing,  put aside in fridge to set.

Frost your set cake.

Decorate with some creativity!

Here are some intricate designs up close.

This was such a beautiful display.

Here you can see the detail and time needed to create this masterpiece!

And FINALLY our finished cake, cut and displaying a wonderful cross hidden inside for all to see!  ENJOY!