Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tips, Tricks and Ideas - GREAT Stuff!

So this page is full of some really cool tips, tricks and ideas that will make so many things easier to find, organize, eat or just enjoy.  I have tried to list them by topic or categories as best I could.  Hope you like 'em.  I think they are FANTASTIC!  ENJOY!

Hull Strawberries Easily Using A Straw

Stop Cut Apples from Turning Brown by Securing with a Rubber Band

Cupcake Carrier: Use Box Lid and Cut Crosses Into It
Bake Cupcakes IN Ice-Cream Cones
Add Popcorn to Brown Paper Bag.  Cook in Microwave.
Upside Down Muffin Tins, Bake Cookie Dough and Have Cookie Bowls for Ice Cream, Fruit, Whatever
Create Window Box Veggie Patch with Guttering


Rub a Walnut Over Scratches in Furniture to Disguise Dings & Scrapes

Remove Crayon from TV or Computer Screen with WD-40

Nylon Stocking OVER Vacuum Hose to Find Lost SMALL Items

Put iPhone or iPod in Bowl to AMPLIFY the Sound

Store Bed Linens INSIDE Their Pillow Cases
How To PERFECTLY Fold a Fitted Sheet
RE-USE Wet-wipe Container to Store Plastic Bags

Install Tension Rod to Hang Your Spray Bottles

Travel Shower Caps are PERFECT for Shoes When Traveling

Bread Bag Tags Make Perfect Cord Labels
Magnetic Strip Behind Vanity Door to Hold Bobby Pins, Tweezers, Clippers, Whatever

Magnet in Bottom of Plastic Cup Placed in Muffin Pan

Add Velcro Strip to Wall to Store Soft Toys
Use WIRE to Hang Rolls of Wrapping Paper Against Ceiling

Egg Cartoon Store Christmas Ornaments Perfectly


Remove SAND from Skin with Baby Powder
Freeze Aloe Vera in Ice Cube Trays for Soothing Sunburn Relief